Secondary Programme

"Thinking it Through"


The newly revamped secondary programme of LEAP has been officially launched after two years of hard work.  To meet students' needs, the newly designed secondary programme, Thinking it Throughaims to help students explore the effects of tobacco, alcohol and psychotropic drugs have on the body, as well as equip them with critical thinking skills and social skills to cope with peer pressure and make responsible decisions.  LEAP's programmes also seek to guide students to reflect more on their role in society and their attitude to life.


The video-based programmes are supported by animations, interactive games and role-play activities to stimulate discussions during the 90-minute session.  Amid the Covid-19 pandemic when face-to-face teaching may not be possible, LEAP is ready to offer synchronous online teaching by Zoom.  LEAP also provides local statistics and drug-related information for teachers to use as follow-up materials.


Research shows that merely possessing knowledge about drugs is not enough to reduce the risk of a student taking them.  Students also need to have self-confidence and the social skills to handle such temptations or any other unreasonable requests they may face.   


As students make the transition from primary to secondary school, they face many new challenges.  The combination of entering into a new environment, the pressure of social interaction and the awkwardness of adolescence can lead to a student becoming more susceptible to using and abusing drugs.  It is therefore more than important to be vigilant in preventing youth drug abuse. 



Currently the Secondary Programme is available in Chinese only. To book or enquire about the programme, please contact Him Lam ( on 2530 0018.




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