Parent Programme
Studies have demonstrated that the family is the key foundation to a person's development.   A caring atmosphere at home, good parent-child relationships, effective communication and appropriate disciplining can help to foster young people's judgment and self-control, preparing them to face the effects of peer pressure and to prevent drug abuse. 



LEAP's parent education programme "Safe and Successful" comprises eight two-hour interactive sessions for Chinese-speaking parents of primary and lower secondary students.  The programme introduces parenting and psychology theories and explores real life applications with parents through the use of trigger videos, role play and discussions.



Programme Outline 


Parent Programme (6 sessions)

  • Enhance their parenting skills
  • Foster more effective communication channels with their children
  • Be equipped with more information about drugs
  • Boost their confidence to nurture their children in a positive environment away from drugs
  • Handle drug abuse and other crises, should they arise
  • Become aware of the various drug prevention agencies and services in Hong Kong


Sex Education (2 sessions)

  • To transfer newly understood knowledge and to put it to good use
  • To explore the influences behind a child's perception of sex
  • To explore the relationship between drugs, sex and sexual offences




To learn more about the Parent Programme, please contact on 2530 0018.









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