Health & Wellness Ambassador - Harold


Most giraffes are born in Africa, but Harold is an exception, as he was born in Sydney, Australia. He is a unique giraffe. Harold is the Health & Wellness Ambassador of LEAP, assisting educators in delivering messages about physical and mental health and promoting positive values to students and friends.


Harold is talented at composing songs with healthy messages and enjoys singing them to students. Students love Harold's storytelling and singing. They write to Harold to tell him what happens at school or even choose to share their joys and problems with him, often asking him for advice on leading a healthier lifestyle. Harold builds a bond with the students by replying to their mail or email.


Harold is also known as "Happy Healthy Harold" because he is always happy and lively and loves to sing songs. A lover of sports, Harold lives a healthy lifestyle and is a great role model for us. He hopes that all his friends are fit and healthy like him.







Energetic, active, positive


Sports, reading, singing, telling jokes

Favourite Colours

White, blue, yellow, red

Favourite Sports

Swimming, cycling, playing basketball, playing soccer etc.

Favourite Foods

All healthy foods like vegetables and fruits, especially carrots