Health Ambassador - Andy Lau

Hi! I am Andy Lau, LEAP's Health Ambassador. I have been working with LEAP for more than 2 decades. I find LEAP's work very meaningful. LEAP's methodology is unique and its programmes convey a great deal of information. The programmes are fun and the method of delivery is different from a normal classroom setting, making them easily accepted and understood by the students.



LEAP's programmes aim at teaching children and young people about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the dangers of drug abuse. These healthy messages are very important for our youngsters. I have attended a class with some primary students and experienced for myself LEAP's mode of delivery. The students really enjoyed the interactive and positive approach to teaching. LEAP's programmes are always full of fun and excitement, at the same time enabling students to gain the knowledge to better understand and care for themselves.



The innovative technology inside the mobile classroom creates a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere which helps give the students a happy and memorable learning experience. 

LEAP also has a secondary programme to help equip young people with the skills to handle life's many challenges, and to say "no" to drugs. I believe the positive learning approach can effectively help our young people understand the effects of drugs and so stay away from drug use.



Prevention is better than cure. I firmly believe that giving students the correct drug knowledge and appropriate social skills at an early age will help increase their confidence and ability to face challenges and temptation. I look forward to continuing to work closely with them and to further supporting LEAP in its future development, to ensure that even more young people will benefit from such worthwhile programmes.