Year 9 Programme “No Fun without Drugs?”



A group of teenagers gather up at a house party expecting to have some fun. However, as one of them got into an accident after consuming psychotropic drugs, the gang is left in panic. The programme addresses the effects of psychotropic drugs and clarifies associated myths. Students will explore strategies to identify risks and ensure personal safety.


Programme curriculum:

Understand the health effects of drugs

- Understand the health effects of psychotropic drugs and explore the related legal consequences

- Discuss the factors affecting potential risks associated with drug use

Peer pressure

- Explore the factors influencing adolescent decision making

Risk assessment and safety awareness

- Equip students with critical thinking skills to identify potential risk factors in recreational settings

- Encourage timely help-seeking to ensure personal safety

Self-reflection on attitude towards life

- Explore the reasons of drug use among adolescents

- Reflect upon the attitude towards challenges in life

- Understand the importance of making cautious and responsible decisions



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