“Spare-a-Lai-See 2024” Fundraising Event


Let's come together and carry multiple blessings this Lunar New Year – donate your lai-see and make a meaningful impact!


In the Chinese tradition, giving red packets (Lai See) during the Lunar New Year is a way of blessing others. By donating your lai-see and supporting LEAP, we can develop new programmes that will benefit more students.


For the past 30 years, LEAP has been providing positive and health-based life education programmes to students. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has greatly affected students' personal growth and relationships with others. To address this issue, we have started enhancing our current programmes and will introduce a new 'Social and Emotional Learning Programme' in the 2024/25 academic year. This programme will help students build healthy interpersonal relationships, enhance emotional management skills, boost self-esteem and confidence, and foster problem-solving and decision-making abilities.


Join the "Spare-a-Lai-See 2024" fundraising campaign and share your blessings to help students live a healthy and positive life. For a donation of HKD$200 or more, you will receive a special edition of the LEAP octopus cardholder as a token of our gratitude.



Individual Donation

Individuals can donate online or through other donation methods.

Online Donation: https://www.leap.org.hk/en/donation.php?

Other Donation Methods: https://www.leap.org.hk/en/support_us.php?cid=11


Corporate Participation/ Donation

We cordially invite corporates to participate in the fundraising event and encourage their colleagues to donate their lai-see. The corporates are requested to assist in collecting the lai-see from their colleagues and donate it to LEAP. The corporates who participate in the event will be awarded a certificate of appreciation and will be nominated to the "Caring Company Programme." For any inquiries regarding the event, please contact Ms. Mak at 2530 0018.

Download Corporate Registration Form


School Participation

We cordially invite schools to participate in the fundraising event and encourage students to donate their lai-see. LEAP will provide LEAP red pack packet envelopes, lai-see donation boxes, and event posters to the participating schools, which will enable them to organize fundraising activities after the Lunar New Year holiday. For any inquiries regarding the event, please contact Mr. Lee at 2530 0018.

Download School Registration Form