October 2009
Enhancement Units to Parent Programme Introduced


Parent Programme

LEAP is committed to serving students by providing health and drug prevention education programmes. There have been a growing number of young people smoking, drinking and using psychotropic drugs in recent years, and abusers are starting at an earlier age. These trends cause grave concern to society. To help the younger generation stay away from the dangers of drug use and abuse, a solid school-based education and adequate family support are both vital in the long run. In this day and age, parents feel they need to learn how to master their roles and responsibilities, strengthen the family support system, and provide their children with the necessary guidance and values at critical points of their development.


Studies have demonstrated that the family is the key foundation to a person's development. A caring atmosphere at home, good parent-child relationships, effective communication and appropriate disciplining can help to foster young people's judgment and self-control, preparing them to face the effects of peer pressure and to prevent drug abuse.

In identifying with the research, LEAP launched a programme for parents called "Safe and Successful" in 2006. Currently, the programme comprises six two-hour interactive sessions for Chinese-speaking parents of primary and lower secondary students with the aim of assisting them to:


  • Enhance their parenting skills
  • Foster more effective communication channels with their children
  • Be equipped with more information about drugs
  • Boost their confidence to nurture their children in a positive environment away from drugs
  • Handle drug abuse and other crises, should they arise
  • Become aware of the various drug prevention agencies and services in Hong Kong
  • Develop ways they can co-operate with the school to tackle the problem


The programme introduces parenting and psychology theories and explores real life applications with parents through the use of trigger videos, role play and discussions.


With the help of this programme, parents can become more aware of and understand their children's developmental changes and needs. They are encouraged to critically reflect on their parenting principles and attitudes, and adjust the way they relate with and guide their children, in order to improve parent-child communication and raise a happy, healthy family. With this practice, parents can effectively support their children to build self-esteem and resist temptations such as drug offers. Even in crises, parents will be ready and equipped with strategies to respond, and to guide their children out of harm.


Parents who successfully complete the Parent Programme have the option to take part in two newly developed sessions which entail issues relating to sex education.

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