Sponsor a Student Campaign

LEAP currently provides an internationally recognized health awareness and drug prevention programme for over 80,000 primary students annually.  The sequential primary programme covers four main areas – body knowledge, nutrition, drug information and the development of social skills. The aim of the programme is to help students to build up self esteem, to empower them the ability to deal with peer pressure, and to say “No” to negative influences and inappropriate approaches. 


LEAP charges a fee of HK$30 per student for the delivery of the primary programme and we subsidize the rest of the cost which is around HK$120 per student.  While LEAP reaches around 25% of the primary student population with our drug prevention programme annually, 75% of them are still to benefit from LEAP’s message.  To protect more young people from the harmful effects of drugs and to build a drug-free Hong Kong, LEAP embarked on “Sponsor a Student” Campaign in early 2013.  The campaign aims at encouraging donations of HK$100 or above in support of our primary programme.  Each of these donations will enable LEAP to offer its programme to at least one more primary student for the sustainable development of the charity.




  1. To raise funds to subsidize the drug prevention education of primary students to help them build a healthy lifestyle, and develop the skills in decision-making, refusal and assertiveness in drug-related situations

  2. To raise public awareness on drug prevention

  3. To develop a drug-free society and to empower young people to build a healthy life and become fulfilled and contributing adults



Programme Features

  1. To raise funds to subsidize students to attend LEAP’s drug preventive education programme. This programme is offered in six sequential sessions, one for each year of Primary education. A HK$100 donation will enable a student to attend one session.  After attending all the sessions, students will be equipped with the knowledge to make informed choices for a healthy and drug-free lifestyle.
  2. The sponsored prevention programmes would be offered to different schools to ensure that a larger number of students could receive the important messages of drug prevention
  3. Sustainable development is our goal.  After more than 18 years serving students and schools, LEAP is confident that once schools has participated, they would treasure the experience and the value of the LEAP programmes, and would invite LEAP to return.




Primary 1 to 6 students



Donation Amount

  1. HK$100: Sponsor one student to attend one LEAP session
  2. HK$1000: Sponsor 10 students to attend one LEAP session
  3. HK$3000: Sponsor a class of 30 students to attend one LEAP session [Donors can select their preferred district and will be acknowledged in LEAP’s publications and website.]
  4. Other amount


*A donation of HK$10,000 or above will be recognized with a Certificate of Appreciation from the benefiting school. A class-in-action visit will be arranged for the donor. Sponsorship will also be publicized through acknowledgements in LEAP’s publications and website.    



Donation Method

Cheque, Bank Transfer or Online Payment



LEAP Primary Programme

(1) Content

LEAP’s primary programmes focus on four main areas: body knowledge, food and nutrition, drug education and social skills development.  Adopting a positive approach, the sequential programmes help students learn about their bodies and the effects of drugs, which in turn, help them establish a healthy lifestyle and avoid drugs.  In addition, LEAP also offers two supplementary programmes, "Cyber Safe / Cyber Smart" and “Positive Image” for the primary 5 and 6 students.  The programmes help young people to develop critical thinking skills and positive values so that they can make responsible decisions.   


(2) Mobile Classroom

LEAP's Primary Programme is taken to schools in mobile classrooms, also known as Life Education Centres LEC). The mobile classrooms can be towed all over Hong Kong to deliver LEAP's health-based preventive ducation programmes to primary students. Each LEC is equipped with state-of-the-art technology including audiovisual aids, illuminated body systems, a "talking brain" and LEAP's mascots, Harold the Giraffe and Holly the Horse, who talk and sing, reinforcing the health messages communicated to the children. The programmes can be delivered in Cantonese, English or Mandarin.




"Sponsor a Student" Campaign Donation Form