LEAP Mobile Application

The LEAP app* is a mobile application from Life Education Activity Programme (LEAP). It provides you with interactive activities, health-related educational information, and latest news from LEAP.




*It is free to download and use the LEAP app. Both Android and iOS versions are available to download now.




The LEAP mobile application includes:


Steps Converter

“Steps Converter” converts your steps into the equivalent distance/food calories that we are familiar with in daily life as a reference. Scan the QR code on your Harold pedometer watch with your mobile phone/tablet and key in the steps indicated on the pedometer. The system will convert your steps into information as mentioned above.


Healthy Harold

“Healthy Harold” is an interactive design and colouring activity. Please download the “Healthy Harold Colouring Sheet” and design your own Sports Vest for LEAP's mascot, Harold the Giraffe with your favorite colours and patterns. Tap the scanner button in “Healthy Harold”. Harold will play different sports in the Vest specially designed by you, and show you the health benefits and related information of the sports you have selected.


Harold’s Inbox

“Harold’s Inbox” is a platform for you to communicate with LEAP's mascot Harold the Giraffe. Please type your message/question for Harold and leave your name and contact email. Harold will reply to your messages by email.



“LEAP VAN GPS” provides the location of LEAP’s mobile classrooms (LEAP vans). It provides the whereabouts of the LEAP vans and enables search for the closest LEAP van near you.