Doing sport keeps us healthy, develops muscles and co-ordinates our body.  It also helps to build team spirit and friendship.


Besides drinking water, many people think that having a cold shower after doing sport would cool the body down. While this may get rid of all the sweat on the body and can help us stay clean, a cold shower can also be harmful to the body.


When doing sport, the body uses a lot of energy to get the muscles moving and so our body’s temperature will rise according to the amount of energy used to do the activity.  To avoid our body from over-heating, blood vessels under the skin’s surface will expand and amount of sweat will increase at the same time so that it helps our body to cool down.  After finishing doing exercise, our body will continue to sweat until our body’s temperature returns to normal.  If we took a cold shower right away, our body would think that it is now in a cold place even if it is not.  As such, our body would stop sweating and the blood vessels under the skin would get smaller.  This would increase the blood flow circulating around the body causing an increase in blood pressure, which makes the heart work harder. 


It is best to take a rest before having a shower after doing sport to let the body cool down naturally.  If you can’t do that, take a warm shower to avoid affecting the body’s natural cooling system.