Race walking is an easy yet effective form of exercise.  Each step would be slightly bigger than regular walking, and the heel of the foot needs to touch the ground with every step. The body posture is also very important.  The person needs to walk tall, tighten the stomach and buttock muscles, and have exaggerated arm movements similar to when people are running.


Studies showed that people should walk about 10,000 steps each day to stay healthy. Paced walking can increase cardiovascular fitness and bone density, lower blood pressure and body fat, and reduce stress.  It is very easy to include this exercise in one’s daily life.  For example, people usually walk about 1000 steps every 10 minutes, so instead of taking the escalator, people could choose to take the stairs.  Another way is if people need to travel short distances, they could walk instead of taking the bus.  Race walking is a very good form of exercise, especially for people who do not have time to exercise on a regular schedule.


Even though race walking is an easy form of exercise, people should take some safety precautions.  If the weather is bad or if the person is feeling ill, it is best to choose to do an indoor exercise or get some rest.  Race walking is a sport, so it is important for people to dress appropriately and choose comfortable athletic shoes!