September 2017
Check out our newly revamped primary programmes!

LEAP’s Newly Revamped Primary Programmes

After two years’ hard work to revamp our primary programmes, we are pleased to introduce an improved teaching framework in the four main areas of nutrition, physiology, drugs and alcohol, and skills.


Students will notice a big change when they step into our classrooms, as we have introduced a completely new set of videos to spark their interest and increase their incentive to learn. With advanced technology now available in all our mobile classrooms, we have also introduced new interactive elements into our programmes to make our teaching models more lifelike.




Among the improvements is a change to the structure of modules offered to different year groups, which have been adjusted to fit the needs of students at specific stages of their lives as well as to broaden students’ world view.


We are very grateful to teachers at local and international schools who provided us with invaluable advice towards the restructuring, and also have given us valuable feedback in preliminary trials of our new programmes. They were well received and we are confident that students will love the new programmes when they experience them in this academic year.


For details, please see Primary Programme - Programme Outline