15 May 2010
“Draw a Healthy Life” Competition Successfully Concluded

The “Draw a Healthy Life” Competition came to a successful conclusion at the end of January.

October 2009
“Draw a Healthy Life” Graphic Design Competition

In October 2009, LEAP hosts a competition, inviting submissions for graphic designs for the exterior of its new mobile classroom.

October 2009
Enhancement Units to Parent Programme Introduced

LEAP's Parent Programme,"Safe and Successful", will be enhanced in the 2009/2010 academic year with two additional units on sex education.

23-27 October 2009
“Celebrating 15 Years of Life Education in Hong Kong” Exhibition

From 23 to 27 October, an exhibition entitled “Celebrating 15 Years of Life Education in Hong Kong” will be held at Park Court, Pacific Place, to commemorate LEAP's 15th anniversary.

24 July 2009
Radio Broadcast on RTHK2 “Home Sweet Home”

Chief Executive Officer Constance Ching and Senior Educator Joyce Liu were interviewed on RTHK2 radio programme “Home Sweet Home”, and discussed the importance of drug prevention education. 

18 July 2009
LEAP Flag Day 2009

LEAP’s Flag Day, held in the New Territories Region on 18 July, 2009, raised some HK$320,000. The early school closure due to the outbreak of influenza A (H1N1) caused us difficulty in receiving volunteers, but we were encouraged by the participation of 850 volunteers from schools, community centres and the general public.