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We often hear that everyone has their own personality.  While there may be many tests to help determine a person’s personality, the real question is: where does our personality come from?  Is it genetic? 


Psychologists have indicated that our personalities are mostly shaped during the first two years of our lives.  For example, some babies might always cry easily if they saw an object they didn’t like, whereas another might not react in the same way.  As such, it is said that the environment that parents give their child during these early years can greatly affect a child’s habits in the future.  It is these habits that will help shape a person’s personality. 


So can we change our own personality?  Studies indicate that it is possible to do so but it cannot be done over a short period of time.  With the many different types of people and environments that an individual encounters throughout their life, they can help to reshape their personality, either consciously or subconsciously. 


It seems this theory challenges the idea that a person’s personality comes from genetics.  






Laughing is something we do everyday, but do you realize that laughing is good for our health? Laughing makes us feel more relaxed and helps us to deal with stress.  It regulates our hormones and enhances our immunities from illnesses and infections. Moreover, laughing makes our diaphragm move, which in turn helps to stimulate the digestion of food.  There is even research which shows that laughing can help prevent illnesses such as cancer and diabetes. 


The most interesting thing is that laughing can help us become healthier – even when there is nothing exciting or interesting happening around us.  This is because laughing involves the movement of facial muscles that “send” the message of happiness to the brain.


Anyone can be happier if they frowned less and laughed more!  Moreover, smiles help improve our social relationships and communication with others.  People who often laugh create a positive, nice and friendly image on others. Therefore, laughing and relaxing are good ways to maintain our health.