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Many people look forward to spring and summer for the beautiful weather and the multi-coloured, sweet scented flowers.  However, with the flowers blooming, change in weather, along with an increase in humidity – allergy season (particularly to the nose) is also here!


Why do people have nose allergies?  A nose allergy occurs when particles called “allergens” enter into a person’s breathing or respiratory system.  The body’s immune system will produce something called “antibodies” to get rid of the allergens.  When this happens, the person’s nose will become inflamed, runny, and stuffy. 


There are many different types of allergens.  Some people are more sensitive to a particular type than another.  Some of these allergens include pollen, dust, mold, and animal hair.  However, the constant change in weather, along with humidity, can also stimulate allergies.  There is no cure for allergies, hence doctors usually prescribe medicine that can only soothe the symptoms.  That’s why the most practical way to prevent an allergic reaction is to stay away from the allergens that the person is allergic to!




Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)


Computers play a big part in society and people tend to use them everyday.  However, do you think people take breaks when they use a computer? 


Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is a condition resulting from focusing the eyes on a computer screen for long and continous periods of time.  Some symptoms of CVS include headaches, blurred vision, neck pain, fatigue, eye strain, dry or irritated eyes, and difficulty refocusing the eyes.  These symptoms can be further aggravated by improper lighting conditions, for example, bright overhead lighting, or from direct wind say from a fan.   


The number of times a person blinks while in front of computers decreases over time and can lead to the eyes becoming dry.  Also, sitting too close to the screen for long periods of time puts strain on the eye muscles.  This is why the eyes start to feel tired. 


People who use computers for long periods of time can prevent getting CVS by taking some precautionary steps.  Firstly, the computer screen should be around 50 to 70 centimeters away from the position of the head and the screen should be slightly below the eye line.  Secondly, buying a screen filter would help to reduce reflective glare.  Thirdly, cleaning the screen more often reduces the amount of dust and dirt on the screen and help the user to focus on what is displayed on the screen.  Lastly, take breaks regularly.  Blinking the eyes consciously can help to replenish the moisture they need and looking out the window to a distant object helps to relax the muscles.  It is best to do this at least once every half hour.




Don’t Watch Television During Meals


Watching television is part of modern day living.  It can be a form of entertainment and it can be a source of knowledge.  However, being addicted to watching television affects both work and health.  Many people watch television during meals, and they do not realize the risks of doing so.

Firstly, watching television while eating lowers people’s concentration on what they are eating. They are more likely to burn their tongues, swallow a fish bone or eat something that they are allergic to. The consequences can be very serious.

Nevertheless, researchers show that watching television during meals can improve a person’s appetite by making them unconsciously eat more. This may lead to illnesses such as obesity.  People tend to chew less when they watch television, and they swallow food that has not been bitten into small enough pieces.  The burden placed on the digestive system is increased and so can affect the digestion of food and absorption of nutrition into the body. 


As an alternative, spending time chatting with family members during meals is a good idea because it enhances interaction within the family and it gives everyone time to share their thoughts and ideas. Having said this, people still need to pay attention to what they are eating while they are chatting.