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Summer Food


During the summer time, people can have watermelon or other chilled fruits to help cool them down!  Do you know that food plays a part to help us survive through the hot summer?


Food contains protein, fats and carbohydrates, which are the main sources of energy.  Fats can provide the most energy compared to protein and carbohydrates.  How much energy a person needs in their body depends on their gender, age, and body type.  However, it also depends on the season!


Our body needs more energy during winter because energy is easily lost during that cold season.  More energy is used to help us stay warm during winter compared to summer.  That is why people tend to eat food that provides more energy during the winter, such as food that may have a little more fat content in it.  People don’t need as much energy during the summer, so if people eat a lot of food that gives off a lot of energy during that season, they may feel even hotter than it already may be!  However, no matter what season it is, we should still be aware of the amount of fats, oil, sugar and salts we put in our body to stay healthy!




Vitamin K


We all know that vitamins can help our bodies in different ways.  Vitamin C, for example, prevents us from getting ill and vitamin A can help to keep our eyes healthy.  Besides these common types of vitamins, there is another type that many people may not know much about: vitamin K.


Vitamin K plays an important role in clotting blood.  When Vitamin K is absorbed into our body, the liver uses it to produce blood clotting molecules. These molecules help to clog the blood when someone falls and grazes their skin.  Research, however, shows that vitamin K also has other uses.  It can help the body maintain a healthy bone structure.  Therefore, Vitamin K has been linked to reduce the risk of a person getting osteoporosis or fracturing a bone.


How do people absorb Vitamin K in their bodies? Since traces of this vitamin can be found in vegetables, such as broccoli, spinach and cauliflower, Vitamin K can be found in our digestive tracts.  So as long as we eat a balanced diet, we should be able to absorb enough Vitamin K into our body to help us maintain a healthy body.  Of course, doing exercise can also help to improve our overall health.